Teaching Philosophy Statement

“If we can make children love intellectual effort, we shall prolong habits of study beyond school years.” ― Susan Blow

Teaching challenges educators to be innovative and collaborative to keep their students interested and engaged. Benjamin Bloom suggests students can be taught through different domains and cognitive requirements. For example, memorization and recollection are superficially encoded, while independent and collaborative synthesis, and evaluation results in more deeply encoded learning. Enriched learning requires the use of various assessment measures, and the desire to both utilize and move beyond midterms and examinations.

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” 

― B.F. Skinner

Undergraduate Teaching

Fall 2022

MGMT*3020-001 DE: Corporate Social Responsibility

Winter 2020

Teaching Fellowship: PSYC 220-001: Social Psychology

Guest Lectures

Winter 2019

PSYC 101-991: Introductory Psychology

Teaching Assistantships

Unless otherwise specified, Teaching Assistantship positions are for 70-90 hours each.* Graduate Teaching Assistantship positions are for 120-140 hrs each.

Winter 2023

MGMT*3020 Corporate Social Responsibility* 

Summer 2022

BUS*6140 Foundations of Human Resource Management*

Winter 2022

HROB*2090 Individuals and Groups in Organizations

HROB*4010  Leadership Certificate Capstone

Fall 2021

MGMT*4100 Management Decision Making

Winter 2021

HROB*2090 Individuals and Groups in Organizations

Fall 2020

MGMT*3020 Corporate Social Responsibility* 

Winter 2020

PSYC 320 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology*

Fall 2019

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology (Live Stream)

Winter 2019

PSYC 101-991 Introductory Psychology

​Fall 2018

Lead Teaching Assistant: PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology*

Winter 2018

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology

JS 100 Introduction to Justice 

​​Fall 2017

PSYC 101 Introductory Psychology*