Current Projects

Community Resilience Coalition of Guelph & Wellington

Received training in social enterprise development, and conducted pre-feasibility and feasibility tests to explore potential routes to sustainability

Past Projects

Crown Investments Corporation

2021 Crown Demographics Report [PDF] [Link]

2020 Crown Demographics Report [PDF] [Link]

2019 Crown Demographics Report [PDF] [Link]

2017 and 2018 Crown Demographics Report (2019) [PDF] [Link]

Conexus Credit Union

Investigating Financial Well-being, Financial Distress, and Behaviour Change [Link]

  • Wuth, A., & Cismaru, M. (Working Paper). A Conceptual and Operational Review of the Negative Financial Health Terminology and Constructs

  • Cismaru, M., & Wuth, A. (2019). Identifying and analyzing social marketing initiatives using a theory-based approach. Journal of Social Marketing.

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

The Impact of Shift Length and Fatigue on Decision-Making and Mental Health